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Wednesday Pebble Report

Colorado Springs: Jeff Salazar finished a homerun away from the cycle, and Ryan Shealy hit a double and homerun (9 each on the season) to lead the Sky Sox past Tacoma. Jose Acevedo pitched a great seven innings, allowing only six hits and striking out five. Jayson Nix haad his first multiple hit game in a while, getting two in the eight to four home win.

Tulsa: Besides his eighth homerun of the season, Troy Tulowitzki had a rough night, going one for five, and committing two key errors that contributed to the Drillers' eight to six loss. Joe Gaetti had three hits, including a double and homerun and knocked in half the Driller runs. Jordan Czarniecki also homered and Ian Stewart and Joe Koshansky also had a pair of hits. Seth Smith didn't get a hit, but he did walk and score twice.

Modesto: Franklin Morales evened his record on the night Corey Wimberly returned to the lineup. Wimberly wasted no time getting back into the groove of things, getting a single, stealing a base and scoring. Jonathan Herrera had two hits, including a triple and Neil Wilson hit a key two run double. Morales finished pitching six innings and allowing two runs. He struck out seven and only allowed four hits, but he also walked four and had one wild pitch and a balk.

Asheville: The Tourists lost four to one as Xavier Cedeno had a mediocre outing and Asheville was unable to capitalize on several scoring opportunities at the plate. The first thing we always look for in these box scores, though, is whether EY Jr stole another base or not. He did. That's forty-three on the season now in fifty-two games. I mean, I'm no math major, but using sixth grade arithmetic I can see that over 156 games that equates to 129 steals. Not bad.