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Game #80: Kim vs Pineiro

Now that we got past the hard matchup, the next two in theory should provide a little more opportunity for Rockies victories. Starting with tonight's seeming mismatch. Pineiro's gaudy ERA is as bad as it looks, while Kim's coming off two stellar games versus AL West foes and has allowed only two hits in twenty-nine AB's to members of the current Mariner team. Of course, last night was a similar mismatch the other direction and we saw how far that went for Seattle.

To stay in the hunt the Rockies have to continue to pull out games like yesterday, but more important is taking care of business in games like tonight. With the Dodgers losing today, the Rockies have a chance to be in second all alone with a win and the victory will allow us to keep the pressure on San Diego. This is almost the exact scenario the Mariners were presented with last night when they failed to dispatch our fifth starter. I guess this is just a reminder that the long season favors the efficient predators while those that lack consistency fall by the wayside.

Wow, that post was a little jungle. I am such a carnivore tonight, probably looking at too many hot ballplayers on the Purple Row Myspace page. ;)

Go Rockies!