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Monday Pebble Report: well, a start to it anyway

Work/Home issues are keeping me busier than anticipated today, the full version will be coming out somewhat later, but I wanted an open thread to talk about the Lindsay/Weiser showing last night and Koshansky and Tulo's trip to Pittsburgh as well as tonight's games. Anyway, here you are.

Colorado Springs:

To be nicknamed "Ace"
invites scorn until matched
against fake "Giants"

mmm... a double-double for Spilborghs


The groundballs drip through,
silent torment for Kaiser
as nine singles bleed.


Jeff Dragicevich,
creeps into a large picture,
kitten plays tiger?


Roe, Roe, Roe your boat
Gently down a losing stream
Life is but a dream


see a Lindsay grow,
Fanning in the Spokane breeze
all become Weiser.

Iannetta #3 on BA's Prospect Hot List and Shane Lindsay's in the team picture.