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It's summer, and there are fires that need put out:

I just want to put up links to FanGraphs' WPA graphs of each of the Rockies last eight losses, dating back to the beginning of summer, June 21. I'll also put the main contributor to those losses based on WPA.

1. June 21: Athletics 3, Rockies 2
Biggest Contributor: Matt Holliday, -35.0% (but Brian Fuentes + Ramon Ramirez = -37.8%)
2. June 23: Rangers 8, Rockies 6.
Biggest Contributor: Scott Dohmann, -34.4%
3. June 26: Angels 5, Rockies 4
Biggest Contributor: Jose Mesa, -67.1%
4. July 1: Mariners 8, Rockies 7
Biggest Contributor: David Cortes, -30.4%
5. July 3:  Giants 9, Rockies 6
Biggest Contributor: Ray King, -35.6%
6. July 7: Diamondbacks 4, Rockies 3
Biggest Contributor: Clint Barmes, -22.2%
7. July 8: D-backs 8, Rockies 7
Biggest Contributor: Brian Fuentes, -48.6%
8. July 9: D-backs 8, Rockies 5
Biggest Contributor: Jose Mesa, -31.7%

Eight losses in that time, of which seven we had a 75% or greater chance of winning at some point late before our bullpen messed things up. Even if our bullpen had managed to hold on in just three of these contests we would be only half a game out of first right now and in the Wild Card lead. Anyway, Dan at Up in the Rockies recently broke down how each member of the bullpen is contributing to our downfall. He put up his piece before the Arizona series so those last two missed opportunities aren't reflected (the July 7, four to three loss being the only one of the eight we trailed from start to finish).

I know we're looking for pitching on the trade market, and the candidate we're looking for would be a young arm who could help in the bullpen this year, but possibly start for us next season. Is it going to happen? I don't know. I think we'll probably look at other relievers dangled out there, but only if the price is right. As far as the farm, nobody right now fits the bill as certain to help right away, Justin Hampson is probably the closest and Manny Corpas will help at some point, but probably not now. Really the best we can hope for is that the three days off has done our arms some good, and they come out and buy us a month or so until we can get somebody on the cheap in the post-deadline waiver market.