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Game #88: Francis vs. Milton - Now back to our regularly scheduled programming

The Rockies aren't the only team in the NL having a breakthrough season. The Reds at 45-44 are in contention for the Wild Card and they just traded Austin Kearns to Washington for Gary Majewski, Bill Bray, Royce Clayton and two others. the Nats appear to have the better of the deal right now, expecially if Ryan Wagner can ever find his Cougar touch again. Maybe, Jim Bowden is angling to trade for David Aardsma in order to have all of the relivers taken in the 1st round of the 2003 draft. ;)

Red Reporter let's everyone know that Majewski, Clayton and Bray will be part of this series starting tomorrow.

Ok, back to the game. Francis steps on the mound for the first time since July 4th when a two-hour rain delay did not allow him to continue once play resumed. On May 3rd of this year, Francis faced the Reds and had what should be considered his best start of the season so far. He went 7 innings, allowed no runs on 4 hits and K'ed 5. Let's hope he can have that success at the Great American Ball Park.

Also over at Red Reporter, this diary asks whether or not the Reds should start using a humidor in order to "give Eric Milton a fighting chance!"