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A Look into the Past for the Future

As I was looking through old posts, I came across this Rox Girl piece from last year on what the future of the rotation would look like. Here's what the 2006 mid-season rotation prediction was:

Mid 2006:
My assumption is at this point Marcos Carvajal is back on the farm getting ready to be a starter and he could be a late summer call-up. Jennings could be the target of teams gearing for the playoffs and headed to a potentially costly free agency if the Rockies keep him, and I don't know when the team will increase it's budget. So for the sake of this post I'll send him on his way to the Rangers. U-ball also should be here by then.

#1 Cook
#2 Francis
#3 Day
#4 Esposito
#5 Jiminez and Carvajal

No one said peering into the future would be easy, but a nice try nonetheless. Jennings certainly won't be traded during the season, Day is gone (thankfully), Esposito probably isn't the first in line should a SP be needed, and Carvajal is no longer with the team. We'll see Jimenez in the fifth spot eventually, but the question is when. September? Next April?

Which leads to: How do the rotations shape up in 2007 and 2008?