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Monday Pebble Report

Sleeper pitching prospects are to come a little later, he's a rundown of yesterday:

Colorado Springs: The Sky Sox won eight to four behind Jeff Baker's two homeruns and four RBI. Ryan Spillborghs went three for four with a walk and Chris Iannetta went two for three with a walk but also ground into a double play and was gunned down at the plate. Still, his OBP is now at .590 through 61 AAA plate appearances and he has twice as many walks (14) as he has strikeouts(7). All that will come back down to earth somewhat once pitchers make a few adjustments, but look for him to stay hot. Now, about a call-up. The truth is that despite the offensive woes we've been going through of late, catcher, and particularly Yorvit Torrealba, isn't a part of it. Yorvit's actually probably the hottest bat on the team of late, so the question is whether Iannetta would be an upgrade over JD Closser. The answer is yes. Yes he would be, it's time to make the toughest decision in regards to JD.

Tulsa: Wet Grounds

Modesto: Samuel Deduno pitched six innings and struck out eleven. He gave up only three runs on three hits and three walks. He lost thanks to a leaky pen. At the rate the Rockies are going he beter get used to the feeling if he intends on starting for us in the majors. Matt Miller had three hits in five at bats.

Asheville: So when I look at the box scores and see that Dexter Fowler went a combined zero for nine yesterday does it give me pleasure that the enemy's prized prospect went zero for eight as well? Yes. It does. Take that Tabata. Anyway, the Tourists took it to the Charleston RiverDogs yesterday in both games. Good performances all around for the Tourists except for the one we'd expect it from, but Chris Nelson (HR, 2B) and Alan Johnson in the second game and EY Jr and Cole Garner (each with HR's) in the first merit particular consideration.

Tri-City: Okay, so Daniel Mayora is twenty years old (turns twenty one in ten days), meaning he's not too old for this league,  actually, but not young. He's got a .908 OPS which is good for a tie for sixth in the league. The Dust Devils as a team have a .594 OPS. See the difference? Mayora is hitting 50% better than the rest of the team's combined line (which includes his contribution, by the way) that is where things start to get exciting. Mayora plays shortstop which is also quite exciting. The other day I mentioned him as a sleeper, but really it's becoming apparent to me he's quite awake. We need to see how he does as he moves up in the system, but I'm liking the pipeline we've got right now as far as middle infielders is concerned.

Casper: The Rockies offense didn't show up yesterday except for catcher Jhayson Agustin who went three for four.