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Game #92: Kim vs. Wells

Despite the Rockies slump, they are still only four games out of the division lead. Being swept in back to back series is never good, but the Rocskies can take heart that they haven't been swept out of the race... yet. So that's where Pittsburgh comes in. One would think that the lowly Pirates would be the ideal team to reverse our fortunes with. Unfortunately, the team's problems right now with the bullpen are deep enough that I can't see how a temporary salve in the series in Pittsburgh will be the cure needed to restore the team's relief crew to legitimacy. That said, we should take advantage of the weakness in the schedule before we face the tougher challenges ahead.

Byung-Hyun is not going to be giving the relievers any relief, as complete games aren't really in his repertoire. The Rockies will need him to go as deep as he can though, and hopefully the offense will put this thing out of reach early.

Go Rockies!