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The Last Days Of Disco... er.. Shealy

I loved that movie. Actually, it has absolutely nothing to do with the post except the title had the words "last days of" in it and I wanted to link this Pittsburgh piece which identifies the five teams interested in our prime trading piece this season as Pittsburgh, San Fran, Toronto, Baltimore and Kansas City. I'll go over each of the five and see if I can identify A) who we've asked for based on earlier reports of what we're looking for (a young power arm, most likely lefty). B) Who I'd ask for, and C) What I'd offer were I the opposing team. So, except for Baltimore, which is based on published reports, the rest is merely speculation.

1. Pittsburgh:
A) Pittsburgh has no shortage of young power southpaws, including the pitcher we roughed up last night, Tom Gorzelanny, and the one we'll face today, Zach Duke. Duke is out of range, but I wouldn't be surprised if we asked for one of the next tier of Gorzelanny, Paul Maholm or Sean Burnett. It wouldn't surprise me if we've expressed interest in their closer on Monday, 24 year old righthander Matt Capps as well.

B) I'd probably ask for those guys as well.

C) The Pirates would probably first counter with scrubs, but eventually make an offer of struggling and demoted Oliver Perez. They don't have a lot of other players who fit the bill for what we're looking for.

2. San Francisco: The mention of the Giants as contenders for Shealy kind of surprised me, even though I know they've been looking for a first baseman. It would take quite a deal to be satisfactory for both sides of two teams competing for the same playoff spots.
A) The other reason it surprised me is that I have no idea who we'd ask for from the Giants. Probably a package of a MLB relief ready arm and a down system prospect to boot. Jonathan Sanchez seems the most obvious name we'd ask for, Hennessey maybe will come up as well.

B) I'd ask for Sanchez plus somebody. Heck, since it's the Giants I'd try to fleece them and ask for Sanchez plus Jesus Reina or Shairon Martis.

C) The Giants will probably offer us Randy Winn at first. Then maybe Ray Durham. I mean, that's what I'd offer if I was the Giants. Of course, then when we're about to go trade with someone else, they'll probably offer Sanchez, Reina, Hennessey, Sharon and Pablo Sandoval and the keys to Peter McGowan's Mercedes.

3. Toronto:
A) Brandon League

B) Brandon League

C) Ty Taubenheim or Josh Towers

Update [2006-7-20 9:50:58 by Rox Girl]:
According to this report from the Toronto Sun, the Jays have offered Scott Schoenweiss, which we rejected, obviously.

4. Baltimore:
A) Adam Loewen, Hayden Penn

B) Adam Loewen, Hayden Penn

C) Javy Lopez, Rodrigo Lopez

Kansas City:
A) Andy Sisco, Ambiorix Burgess

B) The same, although if they offered David DeJesus it could be a little tempting.

C) Mark Redman, Runelvys Hernandez.