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Friday Pebble Report - Will Shealy be moved by the deadline?

This DP article mentions that Dan O'Dowd could keep Shealy until the off-season if he doesn't find the right deal. I don't really see a better deal happening in the off-season, though.

Jack Etkin has an article about Andrew Johnston, and we also find some important info out. Shane Lindsay will be promoted to Asheville in order to start on Tuesday, which pushes Zach Simons out of the rotation.

The article also mentions that Jeff Kindel's assignment to Tri-City is "a 20-day rehabilitation assignment."

Colorado Springs: If the opponent scores in eight of the nine innings played, chances are the Sky Sox are not going to win (even at home). That proved to be true as Sacramento won 13-5. Sun-woo Kim pitched six and one-third innings, allowed nine runs on twelve hits, struck out seven and allowed three home runs. Dan Conway hit a three-run home run in the sixth inning, with Josh Wilson and Carlos Rivera having the two other RBI.

Tulsa: 0, 1, 2, 3. That's the number of runs scored by the Drillers from the first inning to the fourth, respectively. They couldn't continue the pattern but a two-run single by Joe Koshansky (78) in the bottom of the eighth gave the Drillers an 8-6 lead, eventually winning 8-7. Smith (43) and Stewart (50) both had two RBI and Tulowitzki (49) had one. Everyone in the order had at least one hit. Steven Register allowed four runs in six innings and walked two.

Modesto: Visalia got the better of Modesto again in their 8-1 victory. Justin Nelson went three-for-four with a double, a triple and an RBI. Ryan Mattheus pitched five and two-thirds innings, allowed seven runs on twelve hits, wwalked four and K'ed 3.

Asheville: A 10-run sixth inning secured the Asheville victory (16-9). Here's the log of that inning from

Asheville Bottom 6th

    * Jason Van Kooten walks.
    * Daniel Carte hit by pitch. Jason Van Kooten to 2nd.
    * Michael Paulk lines out to center fielder Bridger Hunt.
    * Kyle Blumenthal homers (6) on a fly ball to center field. Jason Van Kooten scores. Daniel Carte scores.
    * Pitcher Change: Kale Garrison replaces Mario Alvarez.
    * Dexter Fowler singles on a line drive to center fielder Bridger Hunt.
    * Eric Young hit by pitch. Dexter Fowler to 2nd.
    * With Christopher Nelson batting, Dexter Fowler steals (31) 3rd base. Eric Young steals (64) 2nd base.
    * Christopher Nelson walks.
    * Cole Garner walks. Dexter Fowler scores. Eric Young to 3rd. Christopher Nelson to 2nd.
    * Phillip Cuadrado singles on a line drive to right fielder Lucas May. Eric Young scores. Christopher Nelson to 3rd. Cole Garner to 2nd.
    * Jason Van Kooten walks. Christopher Nelson scores. Cole Garner to 3rd. Phillip Cuadrado to 2nd.
    * Pitcher Change: Joey Norrito replaces Kale Garrison.
    * Daniel Carte singles on a ground ball to center fielder Bridger Hunt. Cole Garner scores. Phillip Cuadrado scores. Jason Van Kooten to 3rd.
    * Michael Paulk hit by pitch. Daniel Carte to 2nd.
    * Kyle Blumenthal doubles (14) on a fly ball to center fielder Bridger Hunt. Jason Van Kooten scores. Daniel Carte scores. Michael Paulk to 3rd.
    * Dexter Fowler strikes out swinging.
    * Eric Young pops out to second baseman Travis Denker.

Cuadrado had four RBI on the night and Carte three. Chaz Roe struggled to find the zone in some instances as he walked five, but allowed three runs in five innings. He also struck out four.

Tri-City: Keith Weiser picked up his first professional win in the 5-1 victory over Eugene. He went five innings, allowed no runs on six hits and K'ed six. Jeff Kindel went three-for-three with a double and an RBI. McKenry, Mayora, Ferrante and Suarez each had an RBI.

Casper: Jay Cox hit the game-winning double in the bottom of the eleventh for the Rockies to win 1-0. Great Falls' three pitchers K'ed the Rockies fourteen times, but Brandon Hynick provided the best pitching performance by going six innings, allowing no runs on three hits and K'ing ten.