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Monday Pebble Report:

Do you think Corey Wimberly's tryin to catch up to Deuce after missing so much time on the shelf ths year? Five stolen bases in yesterday's game bring him up to 33 on the season.

Colorado Springs: Matt Miller went two for four and scored twice, and Jayson Nix went three for four to help move him move him along as the Sky Sox won the game six to three. U-ball pitched four and two-thirds innings in which he gave up five hits and five walks and all three runs but also K'd seven. He's really not that far away from being a top of the pack pitcher. Keep watching.

Tulsa: The Drillers lost ten to seven as Wichita rallied for five runs in the last three frames. Ian Stewart had a double and triple and walked in four AB's, Joe Koshansky also went two for four.

Modesto: Perhaps we should pity Bakersfield's Emerson Frostad after he allowed eight stolen bases. Wimberly was caught once by him, though, trying to steal third. Corey went three for three with two walks and three runs scored. Jonathan Herrera also stole twice and went two for three with two runs and three RBI as Modesto won, seven to five. Dragon Lo's peripheral stats continue to improve with his seven K performance in six innings. maybe we finally have something here just when  some were about to write him off.

Asheville: No game yesterday.

Tri-City: The Dust Devils lost seven to five yesterday. Aaron Rifkin hit a homerun as part of a fairly balanced offense from Tri-City. will Harris blew his first save of the season in his least effective outing to date.

Casper: Sandy Nin is now 0-2 in his Casper rehab assingment after the Rockies lost yesterday two to one. With a score like that you can be certain there was not much offense to boast of. As for pitching, well, you'd think with the low score it would be more interesting, but it really wasn't.