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Game #98: Francis vs Reyes

Another fellow 'SC alumnus comes into mess with my Feng Shui. Anyway, as much discomfort as it brings to root against Reyes, I'll be solidly in the Francis camp this evening. Actually Jeff has to be considered one of the real bright spots of the season to date, and his sparkling sub 4.00 ERA proves it even as his sub .500 record shows how unlucky he's been to be pitching for an offensive team as inconsistent as the Rockies have been this year.

Expectations are high for a turnaround in this offensive malise for this homestand, particularly in the bats of the struggling Matt Holliday and Todd Helton. If this happens and we continue to get contributions from Clint Barmes and Yorvit Torrealba in two positions of weakness this season, then it could be a very bright homestand indeed.

Go Rockies!