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Because we can't get enough of Ryan Shealy Rumors

I just thought I'd put up a few more. Finally, news that the one team I thought would have been among the interested parties a month ago seems to have noticed that we have a big bruising first baseman on the market. The Angels appear to be poking around the tires of Sean Casey now that they have figured out Jeff Conine's old and bad. Casey's not that great either, but in this report from the O.C. Register it mentions Shealy as another possibility for the hole at first.

Meanwhile, the Rockies were rebuffed by the Orioles in their request for Hayden Penn, who want to give us Jim Johnson or Brian Finch instead. Finch has a 68/48 K/BB ratio and has given up thirteen homeruns this season in AA. Johnson's not a whole lot better, his 1.42 WHIP in a pitcher's park suggests that there's not a lot of upside. Johnson just turned twenty-three, Finch will turn twenty-five in September.

Finally, Stats-Geek Brian O'Neill says to the Bucs: Go for a Matt Capps for Shealy deal. Which is a nice starting point for our auction. Anybody care to top that?