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Really Late Wednesday Pebble Report

It's not a full day here unless there is a Pebble Report. It'll be really short.

Colorado Springs: Matt Miller had three hits and two RBI.

Tulsa: Tulsa hit five homers (two by Czarniecki, with Smith, Colina and Colonel having one each). Smith also had four RBI, while Czarniecki had five because of a grand slam and a solo shot.

Modesto: Greg Reynolds went five innings, allowed two hits and walked one.

Asheville: Dexter Fowler had two doubles for twenty-one on the season and EY Jr. stole bases sixty-eight and sixty-nine. Shane Lindsay went four and two-thirds innings, allowed three runs, walked six and K'ed five. Before entering the fifth inning he hadn't allowed a run.

Tri-City: Keith Weiser struck out eight in five innings. He allowed two runs on six hits.

Casper: Hector Gomez hit his fourth home run, while Drew Shetrone K'ed four in two and one-third innings of hitless and walkless ball.