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Thursday Pebble Report

Update [2006-7-27 19:37:13 by Rox Fan in NY]: John Sickels reviews his Rockies Pre-season Top 20 list.

Casper Rockies: Josh Wilson had the only RBI in the 2-1 loss. Matt Miller went zero for two, walked twice and struck out twice. Jose Acevedo went seven innings, K'ed five and allowed two runs on six hits.

Tulsa: Troy Tulowitzki and Doug Bernier each had an RBI in the 5-2 loss. Alex Gordon hit a two-run home run off of Jon Asahina, who took the loss in his second start.

Modesto: The lower the level so far, the more runs scored by the Rockies' affiliate. And Modesto follows through on that trend with a 5-3 loss. Jeff Dragicevich had two RBI, while Luke Sargent had the other one. Jonathan Herrera collected three hits and stole his twenty-second base. Chris Frey stole his ninteenth base. Ryan Mattheus went six innings, saw three home runs cross home and struck out four.

Asheville: Chaz Roe took his fourth loss last night after working six innings in the 7-4 loss. Four runs were plated on six hits and he struck out four. Zach Simons made his first relief appearance and exhibited the same problems as usual. He walked two and allowed one run on two hits. Daniel Carte hit his eleventh homer, EY Jr. hit his fourth one and Chris Nelson stole his tenth base.

Tri-City: Tri-City won this one 6-1 as a result of five batters having RBI and Aneury Rodriguez pitching quite well. Bret Berglund had two doubles and two RBI, while Jeff Kindel had an RBI and two walks. Victor Ferrante, Ramon Rodriguez and Gabriel Suarez all added an RBI. Aneury Rodriguez struck out seven in six innings. Will Harris picked up his second save after he K'ed three in three innings.

Casper: Brandon Hynick (PL pitcher for the week of July 17-23) recorded his third win in the 6-3 victory. He allowed two runs on three hits and struck out eight in six innings. Jorge Sandes, Logan Wiens and Derek Kinzler each had a home run. Wiens' was a three-run shot and Austin Rauch chipped in the other RBI.