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Monday Pebble Report:

Colorado Springs: In yesterday's thirteen to seven loss, five Sky Sox had two hits each, led by Luis Gonzalez who had his second homerun of the season, scored twice and drove in three. Perhaps we should hold off a little on the Justin Hampson bandwagon, Justin didn't give up any earned runs, but the five unearned runs that crossed the plate on his watch were largely due to his own ineffectiveness.

Tulsa: The Drillers were off.

Modesto: Ching-Lung not-Dragon Lo had the most dominant outing that I can remember in his slow minor league ascent, striking out ten in seven innings and only allowing three hits, two of them by Julio Cordido (including one homerun) and he didn't walk anybody. Let's hope this game is a breakthough and he continues for the rest of the season. I'm kind of bummed about not being able to call him Dragon anymore, though. Jonathan Herrera scored twice and Chris Frey had two RBI off two hits to help lead the Nuts offense in the six to three victory.

Asheville: The Tourists lost, six to three. Cole Garner had three hits, including a double and two RBI and I'm glad that so far he's making me look good for saying that I expected him to breakout in the second half. Of course, I don't need Cole to look good. Yeah, Rox Girl, you are so fine. Wait, sorry where was I? Oh yeah, the Tourists. Zach Simons had one more less than stellar outing as he gave up five walks and three hits in five innings. As Rockiesbiggestfan pointed out in yesterday's comments, that 1/12 GB/FB ratio looks troubling as well as the BB's.

Tri-City: When a team is 6-8 and leading it's division by a game -like the Dust Devils are- apparently you can say they are "Padre Contenders" but don't do it in front of Padre fans, or they'll hold onto the grudge like its some sort of badge of honor or something and lord it over you every time they catch a lucky break in head to head showdowns. Silly Pods. Anyway, in their four previous games, the Dust Devils only scored five runs total before erupting for eight runs yesterday. Michael McKenry and Victor Ferrante each homered, for McKenry it was his first as a pro, congrats!

Casper: Casper got schooled by Dodgers prospect Steven Johnson and lost ten to nothing to Ogden. The eighteen year old Johnson just came back to the Pioneer League after starting the season in Jacksonville and looks out of place with his 27/2 K/BB rate in 17 innings. Sigh, looks like another find by Logan White and crew we have to worry about. Oh well, at least Hector Gomez is keeping up, collecting two hits, including a double.