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Game #82: Lowry vs Cook

So today is when the Rockies pick up that game San Diego played that we haven't. Which means with a victory we can actually be tied for first when we go to bed tonight. Whoah. First place. Wow. Okay, I can do that.

Anyway, so the Giants are in town and I scouted McCovey Chronicles to see what was up with their fans lately, and it looks like they still have their creepy Gere-esque thing for hamsters. Gross! Uhm, maybe I should slowly back away and look elsewhere for scouting information. Okay, here's the Hardball Times, which correctly identifies the Giants current left fielder. Spot on! So, I guess the big question then, is how Aaron Cook does against the Barry, or the rest of the Giants for that matter. Hmm... well at least they still insist on playing Pedro Feliz, that's got to count for something.

Better hope our bats can turn it on against Lowry, or that Cook can whip up something unusual. The first look says tonight might be a little tricky.