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Monday Pebble Report

You know how I said that the big project I was working on in my day job that kept me from blogging much last week would be finished by today? Well I lied. Anyway, I'll update this thread with all the recaps as the evening progresses, I just wanted something up to get me started.

Colorado Springs: The Sky Sox lost a marathon, sixteen inning game nine to eight on back to back homers when Memphis was down to its last strike.

Tulsa: The Drillers lost eight to six to the Cardinals. Zach Parker had another rough start.

Modesto: The Nuts won seven to four thanks to a three run homerun by Doc Brooks. I'll link the wrap at the Nuts' official site and just say that I think their web-page impresses me the most of any in our system. I know that really doesn't have a lot to do with Prospects, but Ron Jackson is an excellent sports photographer and his images really enrich the site. I need to get a photographer over here. Oh, as far as the game goes, Greg Reynolds wasn't dominant, but still had some nice innings there.

Asheville: Lost to Hagerstown four to three. It was actually only Brandon Durden's third recorded loss on the season. In five innings, he just was mediocre this time around.

Tri-City: Keith Weiser had his shakiest start of the season as the Dust-Devils were shut out four to nothing. Weiser allowed nine hits in four and two-thirds innings. Tri-City remains two games behind Boise for the division lead.

Casper Didn't play, wasn't scheduled.