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Game #84: Last year's fourth vs this year's fifth

Aka Jamey Wright vs Josh Fogg. Now, according to some, Jamey was actually our fifth starter last season although I think certainly at the start of the year we had maybe three competitors for that title in the rotation. Part of the Rockies turnaround for 2006 has definitely been the solid, steady performance we've gotten from Fogg every five days out. Heading into tonight, the Rockies are nine and seven in games started by Fogg. Compare that to the five and eleven mark we had when Jamey started for us last season at this point to find four of the games we made up in the standings.

Outside of one beautiful game versus Detroit, Jamey was particularly horrid when pitching at home. In fact, in his last outing before the all star break last season, a home tilt against San Diego, Wright gave up six runs on eight hits and two walks in five and a third innings. Let's hope he's a traditionalist,

Go Rockies!