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Top 30 Purps Discussion Thread

It's time for the second in-season poll for the top thirty Rockies prospects, for the results of our last poll you can look down at the bottom of the right sidebar. ---->

The actual voting will start on Sunday. This thread is just to start the electioneering process. Post sample lists, discuss the merits of various candidates, etc...

Some of the topics we should probably cover here:

  1. How far has Chris Iannetta risen? He was already our #4 Purp, but he's been bringing mad skills to every level he's been at and is now more advanced than Stewart and Tulo despite starting a level behind them.
  2. What to do with Greg Reynolds, David Christensen and the rest of our 2006 draft? We'll still be discussing things after Reynolds makes his pro debut in Modesto on Saturday, but we'll only have one pro start to make a call with. Meanwhile, Christensen seems to be outpacing the rest of his draft peers in Casper and is only eighteen. He's already been prone to K a lot, but the raw tools have been evident. Where does he fit?
  3. Another newbie to consider, Hector Gomez on hype alone merited a #27 ranking in our last poll. In Casper he's begun to back up the hype, but he's still a long way from Denver. Do our voters feel confident enough that he'll make it in the bigs to move him up?
  4. In danger of losing their position: #1 Ian Stewart - still a top talent, but maybe no longer deserving of the top spot? #10 Samuel Deduno - not as young as Morales, and showing a lack of control in Modesto. #14 Corey Wimberly, #15 Matt Macri - Injury and underperformance have squelched our second base prospects, I think one or both of these could be in line for a tumble. #23 Zach Simons - likely to drop out of the poll completely after getting hammered in Asheville of late.
Anyway, there are probably more issues to discuss, but those should get us started.