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Game #86: Jennings vs Webb

Now see, here's a game we can really put Ken Macha's "separate baseballs" theory to the test. If the Rockies win, it means we're cheaters as we all know Webb's sinker (aka the Berserking Bane Chop Hacker Attack!) is well nigh invulnerable against our "Dreamer Trick Phantom" offense. Ahh, but that's why we're also countering with Jennings' Deluding Miraculous Twist.

Ha... Now we will see what they can come up with against that.

Rox Girl's inner monologue is suddenly audible:
"I really hope they are tricked by JJ's Deluding Miraculous Twist attack, that Brandon Webb is a powerful crafty opponent. Come on JJ..."

Go Rockies!