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C'mon 'N Ride It (The Train)

Not since Alanis Morissette and the Macarena were number one and two on the pop charts have the Rockies been this competitive on August 1. This morning we woke up and found ourselves four games behind the division leading Padres and four games behind the Wild Card leading Reds with little reason to think we couldn't hang around the rest of the way in. The excitement of late summer baseball is coming back to Denver after a decade's absence.

Over the weeekend we faced and were sucessful against those division leading Padres, and after one game, we've been similarly blessed versus a fellow aspirant to Wild Card-om in the Brewers. Later this week the Rockies will embark on another crucial test as they head West to take on the Dodgers and Giants in seven games that could either give us a gap of separation from two divisional foes, or likewise drop us further back from the pack. An even tougher test in late August might be our two series versus the Mets wherein we can see how we match up against the NL's best, but for right now, to wake up only four games out goes down as well as the refreshing glass of Thai Mint iced tea that I enjoyed earlier today.

Yes, there are reasons to be wary of our opponents, the Dodgers made a major upgrade in acquiring Julio Lugo, and Greg Maddux could prove a spoiler of many playoff dreams in the division this year. The Diamondbacks have some talented rookies boosting their potential and San Diego has quietly developed a potent, deep and balanced offense that's probably very underrated. The Giants have, uhm, well Barry is still breathing and ambling and their outfield defense is surprisingly decent for being so aged, alright, so they are already slipping to also-ran status, but it would be nice to stick a fork in them. Anyway, my point is that despite the offensive potential of our divisional competition, none match up to our rotation, and so long as our bullpen remains back on track, we're still in it. So, uhm Hey Macarena, Get over your Jealousy because with the Rockies, You Learn, and to the Rockies, I just want to say: You're Makin' Me High. Thanks.