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NL Wild-Card Chaos?

If the season were to play out with each team winning according to its season to date Pythag formula (Simply: Runs scored (squared)/Runs scored (squared) + Runs allowed (squared)= win percentage) then the winners of the divisions would be New York, St Louis and Los Angeles in true big market fashion, but the wild card would come down to a five way tie-breaker between Colorado, San Diego, Arizona, Cincinnati and Houston all at perfectly mediocre records (81-81). That would be insane. So insane that Major League Baseball hasn't even conceived of the scenario. I think this might be the scenario I'm rooting for.

At any rate, in the comments to this thread I think I'm going to try and parse out what these teams have on their plate for the rest of the season, as well as the Phillies who in the above scenario would finish only a game out of the madness, and I'll try and be a little more thorough than Jerry Crasnick was the other day.