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Game #116: Fogg vs Guzman

Angel Guzman was called up from AAA specifically for this start after the Cubs were caught without a long relief option in Mark Prior's last start, which means for the second night in a row we'll get a match-up against a starting pitcher with dubious claims to being MLB caliber. That shouldn't be taken as an implication of Guzman's stuff, which is considerably more potent than that of Rich Hill who started last night, but it is an implication of his command as well as control of that stuff.

If the Rockies take a careful approach at the plate, then the offense should stay on track. Perhaps it's a good thing as Fogg has had a fairly dismal career against the Cubs. Of course, all of that career came with the Pirates, and as any Rockies or probably as any Pirates fan can tell you, Josh is a different pitcher this year. The Rockies can't let the opportunity slip by tonight, particularly with the three teams ahead of us in the West having some favorable matchups of their own (the Dodgers are leading in the ninth, AZ has Webb going, and San Diego is facing another rookie, albeit a talented one).