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Franchise takes down Vargas: Game thread for #118

Mixing up the format, whoah! Blows your mind doesn't it?

So, I thought in order for us to sweep the Snakes, or even win one game at home -something we weren't able to accomplish the last time they visited- I'd have to try something new.

The Rockies' blowing of another opportunity last night brought some pretty ghastly consequences, not the least of which is the 4.5 game deficit in the division we now have going. Another bad ramification is the 3.5 behind Cincy in the Wild Card standings. Especially bad is remaining three games under .500. As I said before, treading there is just the same as drowning. We need to come up with a statement series to get over that mediocrity hump before we can even consider being worthy for the playoffs.

One thing we do have going for us is that we are the only team that has beaten the Dodgers in half a month. Another thing we have going for us is that we are now facing a very beatable team in the Diamondbacks. We need a home sweep somewhere, and I figure what better team to do it against than our arch-nemesis, the expansion Snakes who won a world series before we have even tasted an NLCS. I noticed a couple of threads down that most posters here have already written off the fourth game of this series against Brandon Webb. Woe to you unbelievers! Brandon Webb is no god! He is merely a demi-god. or maybe a lesser immortal like a gorgon or something. Ooh, maybe he's like Hercules, just a son of Zeus, conceived by a pretty seductive water fowl and a cute human girl. Anyway, we've got to take these first three before we even go there. Not that you wanted to go there, that's pretty disgusting really.

I digress. Tonight we have our own champion taking the hill against these reptiles. Go Rockies!