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About Last Night...

So, for the first time since the all-star break Clint Hurdle is right for calling on Jose Mesa who promptly gets dinged for a three run shot off the bat of Eric Byrnes. Now, after Byrnes hits his shot is when Mesa plunks Luis Gonzalez supposedly in retaliation for Vargas hitting Holliday earlier in the game. I don't think so. I think Mesa could care less about Holliday, he just wanted to plunk Lugo for the Byrnes shot, because Mesa's a punk. Just my opinion.

Anyway, I haven't received an update on the results of Holliday's x-rays but regardless on the seriousness of the injury (everybody thinks it's not that serious) it's a safe assumption he won't return to the lineup tonight. In the unlikely scenario that it's bad enough to put him on the DL, look for Jeff Baker to return to Coors for the first time this season.

In a somewhat related note, Ringolsby squashes the P-dub rumors, saying the Rox are fine with what they've got in Spilborghs right now. I don't blame them. We got away with a game last night where we once again had multiple opportunities to score that we didn't capitalize on. This seems to happen a lot with Danny Ardoin in the lineup for some reason. I can't put my finger on exactly why that's the case, though.