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Game #119: Wherein Jason Jennings Mercilessly Brutalizes the Arizona Lineup

And Miguel Batista gets his comeuppance. I have no idea how Batista has come by his 5-1 record versus the Rox as he's only had a couple of effective outings against us and a glance at the batter vs pitcher stats shows he's really only been truly effective against our admittedly pathetic bench players.

As far as the other way around goes, JJ's had some success stories and a couple of not so happy stories against Diamondbacks hitters. One of the outliers and a thorn in JJ and the Rockies' side this season has been Mr. Chad Tracy. My counterpart over in the reptile room, the AZ Snakepit, Jim McClennan, has pointed out that Tracy has seemingly only played well against his divisional rivals. That helps a bit to explain the D-Backs' division best NL West record. Of course, this series changes all that. Tonight the hammer drops on a snakehead and the Rockies go up in the series, two zip.

Go Rockies!