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Wednesday Pebble Report:

I'm not going to offer much in the way of  detail today. Just putting up a post where we can discuss the minors if we feel like it, mainly.

Colorado Springs: Mike Esposito had his most impressive start since May, and I believe the Sky Sox won.

Tulsa: Marc Kaiser wasn't quite as impressive as Espo, but also successful in the W column. Joe Gaetti, Tulo, and Colonel all had a pair of hits. Christian hit his seventh homerun. Koshansky doubled.

Modesto: And luckiest of all was Dragon Lo who gave up seven runs but still earned the "W" in the nine to seven victory. the top three in the Nuts lineup, Wimberly, Frey and Herrera combined to go nine for fourteen with six runs scored.

Asheville: Postponed due to rain.

Tri-City: Keith Weiser pitched well but didn't earn the victory, that went to Will Harris who also did well in relief.  A slew of D-Devils had a pair of hits, even though they only scored five runs. The one out of the five two hit performers who didn't score, Daniel Mayora, continues to shine, nonetheless.

Casper: No game on the schedule.