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Game #120: Aaron Cook against El Duque's half-brother, el duquito?

So, I was figuring today that the Rockies are on pace for a fairly significant bump in gate receipts from last season, averaging over three thousand more fans per home game. Some of the windfall from those additional seats will obviously go to payroll, and since the price of tickets hasn't increased significantly over the last couple of seasons at Coors one can assume that some will go into increased costs of operation, but all told there should still be between six and ten million more in the coffers from this season's box and concessions than last year, assuming that the Rox can continue to draw at a healthy clip through August.

Will we seek better free agents this time in the offseason? Or will we save for a rainy day? Anyway, more food for thought. By the way, wasn't it about this time last season that Cory Sullivan got hot? That would be nice.

Go Rockies!