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If Buck Martinez Criticizes the Humidor, Will Anyone Hear It?

Buck Martinez, Team USA manager, joined the chorus of humidor detractors after Tuesday's 18-inning game in Patrick Saunders' DP article.

What I want to know is how he can say that the humidor is "changing the fundamentals of the game." It's certainly changing the fundamentals of Coors Field (which we have agreed, at least here, is not a bad thing), but the entire game? He's really stretching it since it's the only humidor in the Majors.

And maybe I'll be a bit off in making this remark about his aluminum bats and pitchers' park statement but maybe he should talk to Troy Tulowitzki about that. Certainly college baseball is a much lower level compared to the Majors, but LBSU's Blair Field is known as one of the toughest ballpark's to hit in with aluminum bats. No one needs to agree with that, but when he talks about the game of baseball, college baseball falls under the category of "the game."

And I just defeated the purpose of my title.

Update [2006-8-17 20:7:59 by Rox Fan in NY]: Lee Jenkins of the NY Times chimes in on the humidor also and makes this remark:

This used to be baseball?s great amusement park, a funhouse where teams once combined for 36 runs in a game. These days, it plays more like Shea Stadium, which the Rockies will visit for a three-game series starting Friday.
That's the problem with people that are not fans of the Rockies: they want to be amused. But we fans don't want to be amused. No, we want a product that makes the team competitive (despite the actions of the FO).