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Where were the non-spongy balls last night Jeff?

Jeff Cirillo believes there's a conspiracy brewing in Denver:

"The thing is, it can lead to some shady stuff going on, like two sets of baseballs," he said Tuesday morning during his weekly segment on ESPN Radio's Milwaukee affiliate. "You know, say their team is down late in the game, you know, here are some new baseballs. (Because) the team is the one that governs the baseballs. ... Say their team is down late in the game, well, here is the next batch of baseballs coming in and they're not that ones that were in the humidor."

MLB's Jimmie Lee Solomon dismisses the idea in the same article:

"There are no shenanigans. The balls for the game are rubbed down and they are kept in the umpires' room," he said. "There's no two separate pots of balls being used."

So Jeff believes that the Rockies, the umpires and Major League Baseball are all involved in a conspiracy. If that was the case, wouldn't the Rockies have better record than 27-26 at home?

Oh, I guess someone could argue that they need to have a record like that to prove that there is no conspiracy but that seems like too much effort to improve so little.

Maybe Jeff should take a look at the Rockies schedule and see all the close losses they've had at home.  

Here's what Hurdle has to say about Jeff:

"Anything said in that vein works in our favor, giving the other team something to think about."

"Jeff has always been a very creative thinker."