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Wednesday Pebble Report

Most teams in the system were able to generate the "O" yesterday, with one glaring omission in Denver. That was a hideous performance and one more tally on our chalkboard of missed opportunities.

Colorado Springs: I know this is sort of a low blow, but the combined line of the Sky Sox' catcher, shortstop, centerfield, and second base positions last night was nine for seventeen with four doubles, a triple, six runs scored and five RBI. They also drew four walks and stole a base. In Denver, our up the middle positions went one for sixteen with zero walks, runs or extra base hits. Colorado Springs won ten to eight.

Tulsa: Joe Koshansky is closing in on two Driller offensive records, HR and RBI in a season, but the article also gives a glimpse into his approach to each AB:

"I don't try to hit home runs; I figure it will come naturally if I square the ball up right," Koshansky said. "My goal every time is to hit the ball up the middle. Most of the time I'm getting pitches on the outer half of the plate so I try to work the ball in the gaps or up the middle."

Yesterday that approach helped push the Drillers to a seven to six victory over Springfield as Koshansky belted his 26th homerun and collected four more RBI. Seth Smith went two for four and Matt Miller two for five in the victory.

Koshansky is also featured in today's Daily Dish. We also learn that Matt Macri is done for the year because of the broken hamate bone in his left hand. More Christian Colonel at 2B.

Modesto: Only 677 fans showed up to Modesto's latest victory, a six to two win over Rancho Cucamonga. The Quakes' bats were calmed by Ryan Mattheus who struck out nine in his six innings. Hopefully this is a sign he's back on track. For more on the game, the recap in the ModBee is pretty descriptive of the eerie silence of an empty ballyard.

Asheville: Off-day.

Tri-City: The Dust Devils lost five to four. Josh Sullivan gave up three runs in five innings, on four hits and a walk. He struck out five. Michael McKenry homered.

Casper: Apparently the Famous Chicken works as some sort of mystic these days moving from town to town in efforts to cure various diseases, including homefieldadvantagitis. Consider Casper interim manager Tony Diaz among the converts:

"(The Chicken) kind of got us going, everybody just relaxes and starts playing the game," said hitting coach Tony Diaz, who served as manager for the eighth straight game with manager P.J. Carey attending to personal matters in Tucson, Ariz.

"It is always fun to have the Chicken," Diaz said. "The crowd gets into it and the players get into it, and I think its good for baseball in general."

Everth Cabrera in particular seemed subject to the Chicken's ministrations, hitting a double and triple, walking twice and scoring three runs. He's finally living up to some of thehype Carey and Diaz regaled him with to start the season.