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Game #107 Kim vs Ohka

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Byung-Hyun Kim is coming off a fantastic start last Friday versus the Padres, but he did throw a lot of pitches in the seven and two thirds innings pitched. Since it was his first time this season going so deep, we really don't have any sort of feel for how he bounces back from extended use. Tonight therefore provides our first gauge. Ohka is coming back from injury fairly strong for the Brewers and has provided an added jolt to their rotation in much the same way that Aaron Cook did for us last year. His endurance, like Kim's might be an issue tonight as he still needs to regain strength. All of this means both bullpens should get to showcase some of their newly acquired arms, and for Rockies fans, it means we'll likely get our first taste of Jeremy Affeldt at some point during the course of the evening.

Go Rockies!

oops, shameles plug of Jeff Sackmann's Brew Crew Ball where despite his expert analysis of all things Brewer, you will find nary a mention of the Great Chorizo Imbroglio of 2006. Pity.