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Pebble Report, Sunday Edition

Irv Moss let's everyone know that Tulsa has, uh, very good prospects on the team.

Colorado Springs: Micah Owings continued his great minor league season as he led Tucson to the 6-3 victory. Jeff Salazar had one RBI for the Sky Sox and Josh Wilson, Omar Quintanilla and Carlos Rivera all had doubles off of Owings. Denny Bautista went four and a third innings, allowed five runs on eight hits, walked three and stuck out two.

Tulsa: Much like the Rockies last night, Tulsa had one bad inning that led to the loss as a grand slam in the 8th inning eventually gave way to a San Antonio 7-3 win. Troy Tulowitzki hit his 34th double and drove in his 57th RBI. Jordan Czarniecki tries to keep pace as he hit his 26th double and plated RBI #'s 53 and 54. Alberto Arias struck out three in four innings and allowed only one run. Josh Newman took the loss and all five runs in the eighth inning.

Modesto: The way Modesto allowed runs last night made the box score look like the Nuts were calling early in the game for information (311) on how to win and late in the game for something else (211, though I don't know of any actual service at that number). Justin Nelson hit his 20th homer, a three run shot in the loss. Chris Frey collected three hits, two of which were doubles. Samuel Deduno went six innings, allowed five runs, walked seven and struck out two.

Asheville: Postponed due to rain.

Tri-City: Victor Ferrante had two doubles and an RBI for the Dust Devils in the loss. Andrew Kreidermacher went seven and two-thirds innings and struck out seven, but allowed six runs on nine hits.

Casper: Helder Velazquez tripled and Maruis  Loupadiere and Radames Nazario each had an RBI. Starter Ronny Lopez went five innings, saw three runs cross home plate on six hits and struck out two in his eighth loss.