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Pebble Report: Lunes

Colorado Springs: The game with Tucson was suspended due to rain with the Sidewinders up one to nothing heading into the third. I assume they'll complete the game today before playing the regularly scheduled contest this evening.

Kaz Matsui is expected to be called up in time for Tuesday's series against Milwaukee; LuGo or Jason Smith will be sent down.

Tulsa: Troy Tulowitzki hit his thirteenth homerun of the season, a three run blast with two outs in the fourth inning, and the Drillers went on to win seven to nothing. His hot streak of late has his OPS creeping back up to .876 for the season, which brings him back into the top ten in the Texas League. Marc Kaiser pitched another complete game shutout for his tenth win on the year. He only struck out one, but had a sixteen to nine GB/FB ratio and was able to induce a couple of double plays to keep runners from advancing to scoring position. Only three got to second or further the entire game, and two of those were in the ninth as the apparently winded Kaiser tried to secure his third CG. His future with the Rockies as a starter remains a bit murky, he should clearly be considered for bottom of the rotation duty, and his durability and pitch efficiency (averaging 6.5 innings a start) is a definite plus.

Modesto: The Nuts wound up losing in the thirteenth inning, five to four. Ching-Lung Lo continues to follow his recent pattern of throwing high K, low BB games while giving up quite a few runs. I'm not entirely certain if the runs allowed stat isn't a function of California League ballparks, but his peripheral stats lately are out of sight. Nine K's in seven innings yesterday, he allowed seven hits and a walk and four runs. Corey Wimberly and Doc Brooks were te only Nuts with more than one hit, Wimberley had a pair of singles and K'd three times, and Brooks had three singles and a homerun.

Asheville: Another rainout, this time of the double header to make up for yesterday's rainout.

Tri-City: Lost five to nothing. I don't really want to talk about it.

Casper: Lost five to nothing and didn't even get a hit. Again, I don't really want to talk about it. You can probably read about how great we made the opposing pitcher look in BA or something.