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Thursday Pebble Report

The Springs: Ubaldo Jimenez picked up his fourth Triple A win in one of his best starts at  that level. He went seven innings, allowed one run on five innings, struck out six and walked one. Chris Iannetta had a triple and three RBI in the 10-4 victory.

Tulsa: Juan Morillo matched U-Ball in innings pitched and the win last night, but saw four runs cross home plate on four hits. He struck out six but also walked four. Jim Miller recorded his 10th save and struck out three in the ninth inning. Seth Smith hit double number 42 and drove in two RBI. Troy Tulowitzki drove in one and walked twice. Joe K. drove in his 107th RBI of the season.

Modesto: The troika of U-Ball, Morillo and Morales all picked up a win last night as Morales evened his record at 9-9 last night. He pitched six innings, allowed two runs on four hits, struck out nine and walked three. Corey Wimberly stole base 45 and 46 last night. Jonathan Herrera (69) and Chris Frey (53) each drove in an RBI.

Asheville: No game on the schedule.

Tri-City: Josh Sullivan also evened his record (3-3) last night as Tri-City won 6-2. He struck out eight in five innings, walked two and allowed a run on three hits. Geoff Strickland, Daniel Mayora and Josh Banda all punched in an RBI, two each for Strickland and Banda.

Casper: No games scheduled for the entire league.