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Last Call...

Walter from baseballnooz's diary on the right got me to thinking. Well, first by following the link it made me aware of another Rockies blogger, Daniel Bonface at On the Rox, who I will add to my blogroll shortly, but beyond that it got me to start thinking of the bandwagon, and I just wanted to make sure everybody was aware that this September is the last chance for converting to Rockies fandom and being convincing.

If you can remain a fan when the team is in last place, than you've earned your bona fides, I say. So, Dan, you're in.  Same goes with the other Dan, and Mark and Tom and David and Drew and Gabe and Roxhead and all the rest down in my blogroll. Squeaky and Silverblood? Welcome sisters to the sorority of Purple in pinstripes. Everybody else on the Row? The same welcome has already gone to you, well, except for that sorority part, but I'm sure the frat house next door, Phi Ipsilon Coors, has plenty of space and beer left.

But my point is, rush closes now. Starting next season, when the Rockies regular roll to the playoffs begins, if you join the band wagon we'll welcome your voice and your fandom, but we'll always wonder if you're just another gloryhound riding the coattails of a winner and question your loyalty when things go rough. Just so you know, it's nothing personal, but seriously, those of us who've followed the team these last few years have been through a lot of misery together, a lot of misery. Tears. We're talking torture, and you, my fair weather friend of the future, you Rockies fan since 2007, you just won't know what it was like back in the day.