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Game #131: Kim vs Trachsel

Thank the rain gods for this one, the Mets are coming in a day after playing the Phillies in a make-up game, whereas originally they were scheduled like us to have an off day in between. It would have been nicer if they hadn't so thoroughly thrashed Philadelphia yesterday though to require more relief work. Oh well, you can't have everything. At any rate, Trachsel enters as perhaps the luckiest thirteen game winner in the league, but that's not meaning to demean his performance at all. Add in the fact that BK has his uhm.., difficulties with southpaw batters which the Mets have plenty of, and you can see why I felt the extra edge of the off day might have been necessary. I think that and a variety of factors even this game out for us (home sweet home being one of them) when normally we'd be outmatched, so it should be worth watching.

Go Rockies!