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Late Night Conspiracy Theories

Rockies take the series and the final game against the Brewers, the score tonight was eight to two. With the performances of BK and Josh Fogg the last two nights, it underscores how solid our rotation is front to back this season. Why haven't their records followed suit? 1) a mediocre and at times shoddy bullpen, and 2) a lineup which despite tonight's outcome still has a couple of glaring holes.

The fact that the Rockies haven't put together more than a four game win streak this season kind of emphasizes the inconsistency and that none of the components of this team have ever really clicked at the same time. Early on we were carried by our offense, but lately we've been riding our starting pitching pretty hard.

RFNY will come out with the Pebble Report later, but in the upper four teams we had four of our top ten PURPs starting, and Brandon Hynick for Casper hasn't been too shabby this season either. Anyway, there were three solid performances from Morillo, Morales and Hynick, and two not so solid ones from U-ball and Roe.