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Trade Rumblings: Ardoin and LAG for Lindstrom or Owens... or maybe just Ardoin for nothing

This could be interesting, according to Ken Rosenthal, the Rockies are in talks with the Mets about trading their recently demoted bench players for a AA pitcher. Lindstrom was rated by Baseball America last year as having the best fastball in the Mets system so he would represent another flamethrower for our collection. Owens also has a mid-nineties heater and relies a little more on breaking stuff but could be intriguing as well. My guess is that the Rockies asked for Lindstrom but the Mets balked at first and offered Owens. at any rate, getting anything for Ardoin and Luis A at this point has to be considered a boon.

Update [2006-8-30 15:57:37 by Rox Girl]:

The link to Rosenthal now says that the Rox let Ardoin go to the Orioles on the waiver claim for nada. I hate when they get my hopes up like that.