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Game #132: Fogg vs Williams

This game could be one of the most significant turning points in the Colorado Rockies' franchise history. A moment we should mark down in our scrapbooks as the day the Rockies stepped tremulously into an uncertain future of blurry promise. Yes, I'm talking about the official end of the Danny Ardoin era.

Joking. Obviously we're going to be glued to this game for the debut of Tulo, but also game number two for Chris Iannetta, two young players who we'll admit have an inordinate amount of our hopes for the future of the franchise riding on their shoulders. U-ball better get here quick to lighten the load. The last time a prominent Rockies prospect made his debut against the Mets, he tossed a shutout, hit a homerun and wound up winning a Rookie of the Year award. Let's hope Tulowitzki's turns out about as nice.

Go Rockies!