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Game #109: Jason The Hammer of Thor Jennings vs an Angry Mob of Thousands and some Giants

And as the steamroller of time trundles heedlessly over the smoking wreckage of what was once eternity's house, it looks like nine days without a move - and fourteen days with only one, and that a comment - is an indication of how far this game can go.

So I was thinking today about why I felt so different now about the Rockies than I did last August. I mean, I've always been a super fan, but right now there seems to be this sort of urgent gravitas when I watch my Rockies play. And then it hit me. These games actually matter. I mean seriously, we're at the point of the season where every loss hangs over the team like the Sword of Damacles and you never know which one could break that thread and sever our hopes of making it to the next phase of the season. Each win brings us another day alive in the standings while the next slide could very well be our last. I have been so lax, here. I'm like "ho hum, just another Rockies season," when really this is like the fulcrum coming back into the Elysian Fields of contender-ville. I mean, I should be giving out my "A" stuff here. We're good, we deserve the gravity of a season worth remembering right now.

And if these games matter that much for us, imagine how truly awful it must be for Giants fans. After all, they are at the bottom of the standings with an old and fading team, and their only hope is to crawl like a wounded rat over the beaten and bloodied corpses of four teams ahead of them and last night, last night we smacked them back down and they responded with weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth.

So as a Rockies blogger and fan it is totally my job to goad them on. Throw out your garbage, your refuse, you vermin and make yourselves a bed to sleep in it. Your house of cards is crashing down and you can't even beat the Colorado Rockies in your home yard. The Rockies! How pathetic is that? You have shown your true colors and they are as ugly as the orange and black you wear and you are going down.

Go Rockies!