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Game #111 Fogg vs Penny

So, you know how like when you're in sixth grade and you notice some of the other girls are starting to develop breasts and you keep checking the mirror and feeling yourself up to see if yours are coming in yet? No? Am I the only one? Jeez, I need more female readers. Anyway, sometimes I kind of feel the same way about the Rockies right now. This series is a perfect feel yourself up series, in fact, where we can really tell if ours are real and if they're as good as the Dodgers' rack, or who's just stuffing their bra with TP.

Yep. Penny's proven to have more boobs than us so far, but I have a feeling we're catching up fast. I also have a feeling I've like completely scared off my entire audience. Just be thankful I didn't get into feminine hygiene products.

Anyway. Go Rockies!

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