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Wednesday Pebble Report

Colorado Springs: Mike Esposito continues to struggle, lasting only two and a third innings and giving up six runs on eight hits and two walks. Ryan Spilborghs, Jeff Baker, JD Closser and Josh Wilson all had multi-hit games for the Sky Sox in the loss.

Tulsa: Ian Stewart's nineteen game hit streak was snapped when he went zero for one in a pinch hit/defensive sub role last night. Depite that, the Drillers still held on to win the game over Corpus Christi, five to four. Tulo doubled again, as did Jeff Dragicevich. Joe Gaetti went two for four, and Jud Thigpen and Douglas Bernier combined to go five for six. Emanuel Ulloa picked up the win and Jim Miller held on for the save despite giving up two walks and a hit in his inning of work.

Modesto: Samuel Deduno won for just the fourth time this season, but he continues to strike opponents out at a remarkable rate. Despite gving up three runs in six innings, last night was one of his most dominant outings of the season as he also K'd nine while only giving up four hits and a walk. He did also have an HBP and two wild pitches that factored in the scoring, so he's still struggling with control somewhat, but the game was an improvement. He's now up to 150 K's in 121 innings for the season. The IP is actually probably one of his most impressive stats this year as scouts have questioned how his 6'1" 150 lb. frame could withstand the punishment of a full professional season. 121 IP isn't quite there, but it beats the average 83.33 IP he had his first two professional seasons, and it doesn't look like his strength is fading yet.

Asheville: Alan Johnson is certainly inserting himself into our #4-5 starter arguments with his first taste of full season ball. He was too old last season for Casper and he's too old this season at Asheville, but he's getting results and that matters a great deal. Just ask Matt Miller.

Anyway, after eight innings last night in which he gave up just six hits and struck out seven with no walks, he improved his record to 11-5 on the season. Typically this season he's been the beneficiary of a lot of run support, but last night it was his and closer Andrew Johnston's pitching that won the contest three to one. His nearly 3:1 K:BB ratio is solid albeit not spectacular, and the same can be said for his 6.84 K's/9IP and 1.29 WHIP. The context of that last number becomes more impressive when considering the hitting environment of his home stadium, particularly considering he's an RHP (opponents are hitting a stellar .393 BABIP and .834 OPS off him at McCormick Field).

As far as the offense last night, well until the eighth inning there was nothing. I mean nothing. Carlos Carrasco had a perfect game through seven and a third innings before Phillip Cuadrado walked and Michael Paulk singled and Jason van Kooten doubled in sucession. The double plated Cuadrado and Paulk and van Kooten came around to score to provide the difference.

Update [2006-8-9 17:10:18 by Rox Girl]:
Now that he has had a couple of months to reflect, Joe Mikulik talks about his famous blow-up as well as about Eric Young Jr and gives some glimpses into his career with the Tourists and aspirations as a manager with's Lisa Winton and Jonathan Mayo.

Tri-City: I've spent too much time on this post already, read Jack Millikan's Tri-City Herald recap.

Casper: Ditto, Here's a Star-Trib recap.