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Game #113: Lowe vs Franchise

Two pitchers I'd love to have in the Rockies rotation go at it tonight. Luckily one of them already is in the rotation.

I know I've said it, I know that several other Rockies bloggers have either implied it or spoken the thought aloud as well, but to really consider this trip a success, despite our series win in San Fran, the Rockies need to come away from Los Angeles with a four game split. After losing the first two games, the imperative is there for the team to win the last two. How much of the remaining fifty-one games of our season is riding on these two games? Just under four percent, actually. Look, obviously by the numbers after this series the Rockies will still have forty-nine games left to live the dream or die trying and being five or six games out with forty-nine games left is still close enough to make up some distance. But the reality on the ground says that not stopping the Dodgers now gives the Blue Man group the go ahead to ride roughshod over the division for the last month and a half.

This is the sort of place where Jeff Francis can live up to his nickname. In fact, this is as an important game as he's pitched in his Rockies career. If he wins, he'll get more games like it soon. If he loses, well, there's always next year.

Go Rockies!