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So, I know your attention will be kind of split today...

Between rooting for Denver's favorite sports franchise and then also rooting for the Broncos. So since I know that, and since we have a good Broncos blogger going over things over at Mile High Report this post is just to let you know that you can pay attention to both teams! Seriously. You can open up Sports Guru's game thread and the one here at the same time and comment on the Rockies and the Broncos both at once. It's amazing this technology. And some of you can probably also watch both games at once. Because you're crazy. Seriously. You need to get some balance in your life. Try PBS, the Antiques Roadshow or something. Me, I'm going to have MLBTV playing the Rockies game while I have both the thread here and MHR's Broncos thread open and on my television will be Roger Federer and Andy Roddick. Because tennis players are hot. And I'm crazy. I need some balance.

Oh, speaking of being loco, I've got a pretty good link to a Rockies article at ESPNDeportes but you have to be able to speak Spanish, or at least have a translation to read it. It's essentially a piece about Hurdle and O'Dowd reflecting on their recent vote of confidence from ownership. I'm still trying to digest my opinions about that vote of confidence.

Alright. Here's one thing. The team is better this season. It's a legit MLB worthy club whereas the past few seasons it's resembled more of a second division collection of cast-offs with a few good players. The problem I have, though, is that even though the team is better, they failed to take any step forward. And that's frustrating. Oh well. We'll talk more about that later. Today there's just too much already on our plate.

[editor's note, by Rox Fan in NY] And for our Seahawks fan here: Field Gulls.