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Monday Pebble Report: Minor League Pitcher of the Year discussion

Just a reminder that you have a few hours left to enter your PuRPs poll for the Rockies best prospects. Which also reminds me that I better get mine in.

Last week we decided the best players and pitchers at each level, but we didn't vote on who was the best overall. We'll remedy that today with the pitchers and tomorrow with the position players. So, to start things off, six of the mominees will be the winners from last week's discussion:

Justin Hampson, Colorado Springs
Ubaldo Jimenez, Tulsa
Franklin Morales, Modesto
Brandon Durden, Asheville
Josh Sullivan, Tri-City
Brandon Hynick, Casper

If you think somebody else should get nominated besides these six, then don't vote in the poll after the jump, just leave a comment and if it's seconded by another member of the community then I'll edit the poll to include that person's name and you can come back later to cast your vote. To see and vote in the poll, either click "entry link" and scroll down, or "comment" and scroll up.