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Game #144: Sanchez vs Bautista

Two promising rookie starters, one that has lived above expectations versus one that has failed to meet them. Yet, despite his struggles starting earlier in the season with Kansas City, I have some confidence that Denny Bautista can turn things around now that he's with the Colorado Rockies. Why? Uhm... well, he's not with Kansas City anymore for one thing. And there's his uh.., I mean he throws the ball hard and.., uhm.., it's over the plate sometimes... I mean if you look closely it looks like it might be over the plate some of the time. Mostly when you're squinting a bit.

So yeah. And he's starting at McCovey Cove where all he has to face are the Giants. We actually win there sometimes. Speaking of which, want to know a  three game standard by which we can measure Troy Tulowitzki's impact on the team? In six games at San Francisco this season, Clint Barmes went three  for twenty-five. If Tulo bats better than .120 against the Gnats, I'll say we've made an improvement.

Go Rockies!