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Purple Row Minor League Pitcher of the Year: Ubaldo Jimenez

Rich Lederer at Baseball Analysts recently screened the minor leagues for pitchers who had high K/9 rates and low (0.9 or less) HR/9 rates. His results for the Texas League had Jimenez on top. Easily. One respondent's comment on the site sums up his half season there:

I'm actually surprised at how dominant Jimenez was compared to the rest of the Texas League. I knew he put up some good lines this year but wow.

After his promotion in June, however, a different story emerged. Jimenez would go on to struggle somewhat getting used to AAA. Albeit, it's important to note that Security Service Field a Colorado Springs is one of the toughest environments for a pitcher anywhere yet in a bout a month U-ball was able to turn his fortunes around and posted a 4-1 record with the Sky Sox in August. The main area of concern heading into the offseason for Jimenez would be the high walk rate, almost one overy two innings of work, but clearly the 22 year old is on the right track and appears poised to make a bid for a spot on the Rockies opening day roster come Spring, or at the very least a mid-season promotion.

Ubaldo Jimenez

With over fifty percent of the vote in the poll yesterday, Jimenez is awarded the Purple Row Minor League Pitcher of the year award for 2006.

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