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Why you gotta play me like that dog?

So, as some of you have seen, last week Grant at McCovey Chronicles opened up a big old can of hate on the Rockies:

The Rockies exist on this planet to bother the Giants. Even though they started dunking the balls in dry ice, or whatever they're doing now to suppress scoring, there still isn't a sane person that can enjoy baseball in Coors Field. In an update of Dante's The Divine Comedy, anyone and anything associated with the Rockies would certainly get their own circle. The comments section is open for what ironic and creative punishment they'd have to endure. Maybe a baby-catching contest where the person associated with the Rockies has 130% more area to cover when the babies are dropped from a 200-foot-high platform. They get so close, but just can't quite make up the ground.... And then it starts again.

Alright Grant, apparently you've made your point. Your point which was pointless. That's like the girl who's head of the drama club hating the girl with braces who couldn't make the cut for Academic Decathlon. Really. Who does that? You should be focusing on the head cheerleader. She's the one who's making your life miserable. The Prom Queen, now there's somebody to hate. But laying the hate on Miss Third-string-goalie-on-the-field-hockey-team is not really helping your cause. And see, now you have to play Miss TSGOTFHT. Before, we were like, "Let's just play out the string, start building for next year," but now all the sudden we've got bulletin board material out of nowhere, and we're like, "Whoah. Where did that come from?"

We were just going to lose to you guys before, that's what the original plan was: lay over and play dead for our divisional foes in August and September. But I guess if you want a competitive series after all, we can accomodate you. I mean jeez, since you're giving us the motivation and all right there, it would be a shame to waste it. We might as well get up from the floor and take it out on you and your sad and sorry old team. Yep. Time to take out our Giant ass-whooping stick and do some pounding. Really. It's time.

See Grant, this is who you should be hating...